In 2007, an injury knocked me flat on my back, for months I was bound to my bed. First through PT and then–as if drawn there by my body—Yoga, I reclaimed my strength and ability to walk. I’d embodied a miracle and a truth: my body can heal herself. I became a Kripalu Yoga Teacher and have been teaching yoga ever since. A few years later, I met Young Living Essential Oils and had that familiar experience of embodying a miracle. I felt my life—body, mind, and spirit—begin to shift. I’ve been studying and sharing Young Living ever since.

My work with Yoga and Essential Oils keeps me both tuned up and tuned in to my highest passion: my work as an artist.  I am a novelist and a lover of stories and language. I write and mentor other writers: 1. In craft (fiction, memoir, short stories, essays, creative non-fiction); 2. In the art of writing as a sacred practice. I borrow from my experience in yoga and with essential oils to offer tools for the various obstacles we writers face, both in showing up to practice, and once at the page. We play with breath work, meditation, movement, essential oils to unleash the creative expression and drive from the wellspring of the body.

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