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Motion is a worlds-collide, coming-of-age YA novel about growing up, exploring love, and discovering yourself.
Seventeen year-old Annabel Zinger is stuck. Stuck at home in upstate New York with two parents whose “happy marriage,” now in its twenty-fifth year, is coming apart at the seams. Stuck in high school, where she struggles to earn B’s and C’s. Stuck in a changing body, whose desires pull her to Philadelphia, where her not-quite-boyfriend, Rafa, lives. Annabel, both scared and strong, begins to understand the power of her own voice; over the course of the novel, she will be forced to choose: between love and a dream; between her family and another; between the known and the unknown.



When I started working with Tanya Robie, I was skeptical.  Yes, she came recommended, but she is thirty-five years my junior.  Was she experienced enough to provide the help I needed?  Could she know what I was thinking that I hadn’t said?  And even if she “got me” would her sense of organization keep my wandering prose in line?   And if she did all that, could she buck me up when I felt down about my writing and rein me in if I got carried away?  Absolutely.  She can and she has.  Our sessions are some of the best hours of my writing life.
–Claudia Geagan, Pushcart Nominee


Working with Tanya’s methods of art as a sacred practice represents an incredible journey for me. Tanya took a detailed inventory of my creative history and current state and helped fashion a plan of action to get me moving in directions I was afraid to explore. Providing me with concrete tools and methods, she taught me how to effectively rebut my inner critic and to freely tap into exciting realms where ideas can flow like lava. Part healer and part cheerleader, Tanya’s infectious positive outlook and the undeniable joyfulness in her own practice have inspired me to tap ever deeper into the mysterious and wonderfully surprising spring of my creative life.
–Artist and entrepreneur


Writing a personal essay is like building a car.  The essayist racks her brain for images, emotions, a little historical background or the sound of a dog yelping.  She throws in few opinions and ends up with a pile of essay elements much like a pile of car parts.

When she gets them put together she could have a Jaguar or a Ford F10, but the front tires have to be on the front and the chassis has to be on the bottom and there has to be a unifying theme that makes it recognizable as a sports car or a pick up truck — which is why I need Tanya.

My first pass always has the doors on upside down, an extra wheel, the engine in the backseat and no steering mechanism at all.  Then Tanya comes along to find my missing parts and point out the need for some organizational improvements.  She helps me sort through my thoughts to find that steering wheel.  Then, she makes me think I did it all myself.




Understanding Voice and Perspective—A writing series for novelist, memoirist, short story, personal essay

4 Wednesdays: April 13, 20, 27 and May 4, 2016
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Appropriate for experienced writers as well as beginners.  When I teach writing craft and the art of Story, I draw from my tool bag what helps inspire my imagination, connect me to my body, ground me, and invite joy in.  These writing classes will be layered in breath work, meditation, Young Living essential oils, and of course, time for practice at the page.  $35/ class or $125 for all 4

LOCATION: MaMA (Marbletown Multi-Arts)
3588 Main Street | Stone Ridge, NY 12484 |